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Water Saving Products



Taps automatically shut off - save water & money & eliminate the risk of taps being left running

SaverTap is designed to covert your existing taps to a more efficient push option. There is no need for a complete overhaul of sinks. SaverTap reduces the wastage of water by preventing the risk of taps being left running which also reduces the risk of flooding.

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Flow-saver® Urinal Flush Control


This award-winning water management system saves up to 96% of water

The award-winning Flow-saver® can save up to 96% of water usage when compared with an uncontrolled cistern (70% on average) and up to 30% against other basic water management systems.

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Flush-wiser® WC Flush Control


An innovative device installed into a WC cistern which reduces the water used to flush

Flush-wiser® WC Flush Control is an innovative water saving device for WCs that has enormous environmental benefits, and will save you water and money with every flush.

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Eco-shield Urinal Sleeve


Eco-shield creates the perfect solution to the problems of urinal smells and blockages

In conjunction with Flow-saver Water Management System, Eco-shield enables customers to reduce washroom water usage, without increasing maintenance costs, and eliminates the use of harmful cleaning products.

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About Us

PHS Washrooms is the UK’s leading provider of washroom services. Our unique range of water and energy saving products will ensure that your washrooms have the best look and feel for your customers, with the knowledge that you are also saving water, energy and money.

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Case Studies

At PHS Washrooms we believe in putting our customers first, and think that it is very important to satisfy their wide ranging needs. We are always happy to learn about how our customers have benifited from our products, and feel that it is important to pass this experience on to others.

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